Friday, April 17, 2009

You probably don't really want to read this one.

Warning: If you are creeped out by boogers, you should probably stop reading this now. Actually, if you are creeped out by boogers, you should probably not have kids. Or at least this is what I'm learning.

Little Dog was sitting on my lap the other night. Keep in mind we're all just getting over some kind of horrible cold type thing that had us coughing, congested and miserable for weeks. Little Dog is still dealing with a big of congestion. He deals with this by trying to blow the snot right out of his little nose. He holds one nostril the blows savagely through the other in the hopes of blowing giant gobs of boogers out. And on this occasion he did. Right onto my pant leg. Great.

So I ask my sister to grab me a wipe and while she was doing that Little Dog reclaimed the lost snot. Yep, he reached out and grabbed the chunk of boogers right of my pants and started stretching it between his thumb and index finger like some kind of really nasty Silly Putty.

When the wipe arrived, I cleared any remaining booger from my jeans then nabbed the nasal plaything from my little boy's fingers. He didn't like that at all. He turned on me. "Hey!" he said, his voice filled with indignation, "That's mine!"
"Listen, how about I give you a piece of chocolate and I keep the booger," I offered.
He mulled this over for a moment, got off my lap still feeling like I'd ripped him off. Finally, when he was out of arm's reach, he started the nose blowing thing again. Apparently boogers as toys have higher value to Little Dog than chocolate. Ewwww.


Kaza said...

Double eeewwww! I hope you all will be feeling much better soon! Coincidentally, my 4yo daughter was singing about boogers at bedtime tonight.

Beth said...

Yuck! I thought I was going to be freed from the booger stuff once my kids got older. Working in an elementary school assures this not to be the case. And now, reading your blog covers the booger issues.

I can't escape the boogers!

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