Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm raising an addict

Little Dog loves coffee. He will chug down an entire cup of my left over morning "medication" with no hesitation. If I'm drinking coffee, he'll give me his most angelic face and ask "Can I have a little sip of 'dis?" And because I am a terrible mother, and a fellow addict, sometimes I say yes.

The other day, Big Dog was talking about my morning fix. He says, "Parents drink coffee, boys drink milk. Boys don't drink coffee." He was answered almost immediately with Little Dog's two cents, "I do!" Well, he was born in Seattle.

Recently Mr. Dog took the boys out for gelato. Big Dog had a hard time deciding what he wanted. he asked the server to tell him what every flavor was: Strawberry, Raspberry, Coffee, Coconut, Pear, Chocolate, Mint, Sweet Cream, Hazelnut...the list was pretty long. He picked, then changed his mind, asked questions and finally settled on coconut. When Mr. Dog asked Little Dog what he wanted, there was no hesitation, "Coffee!" He almost got it too, but Mr. Dog asked the server if there was much coffee in it, and she let him know it was a very bad idea. He was talked down to chocolate.

Just last night we attended a house warming and BBQ for some friends of mine. In honor of their new house, they were given a cake in the shape of the new house. If anything captures the imagination of a 3 year old is is a house made of cake. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the cake was served. As I tried to explain to my sugar fiend that there was no cake for us, but he could have a treat when we got home, a friend of our host stepped in. "Here," he said, giving a small handful of chocolates to each of the boys. "You may not get cake, but here's some chocolate."
"Are there coffee beans in there?" asked Big Dog (we still aren't sure how he even knew to ask, but I do claim he is a child genius so that might be the explanation.)
"I'm not sure," said the friend and popped one into his mouth. "Oh no, you guys are going to hate me," he said looking to Mr. Dog and me apologetically.
Big Dog didn't want his, once he heard there was coffee involved. Little Dog on the other hand, started shoving them in his mouth before we confiscate the contraband thus demonstrating the simple differences in my children.

For the record, that isn't coffee in the photo, it's hot chocolate but if I turned my back for even a second I'm pretty sure he'd order a mocha.


Kaza said...

This is funny! My kidlet thinks our coffee smells wonderful and wants to taste it.

I have this image of a little boy shoving chocolate covered espresso beans into his mouth as you try to pull them away from him. Was he very hyper after that?

geekymummy said...

That is the cutest picture!

Lock up the Kalhua before he hits 13, that's all I can say.

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