Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mommy has a dirty mind

Saturday morning I was standing in the bathroom combing my shower-wet hair as I started getting ready for our day. Little Dog walked in, looked around and says, "Blow me mama!"

What? Seriously where has he ever heard that? I mean it isn't something that we say in our house, ever. I was shocked and stood there slack-jawed looking at him for a moment trying to figure out how to respond.

Then he says it again, "Blow me, mama!" but this time gestures as well. Not an obscene gesture, a helpful pointing gesture. At my hair dryer. He wanted to be blown with a gust of hair dryer air.

What the hell else would a 3 year old be saying? I obviously have problems.


Samantha said...

That's too funny. You have to love the innocence of children.

Mrs. F said...

Ohhh, I love kids.

We have a video of Rissa getting crazy with a corn on the cob that I am debating about posting. Of course it was pure innocence on her part, but all the adults at the table were sent into a fit of giggles.

melissa said...

i shouldn't have read this post so soon after my son fell asleep. i just laughed so loud. i'm going to blame it on you if he wakes up!!
happy bloghopping!!

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