Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quick Chick Update #3

Three weeks into the great chicken plan, they're getting bigger, more feathers less fluff. They're looking really ratty now, the feathers are sticking out everywhere, the remains of the fluff are sticking out between the feathers. Overall it's not a pretty look. Each day they change a bit, and it is weird to look at the weekly photos next to each other and see just how much they've transformed in such a short period of time. Before you know it, they'll look like hens, not chicks. Sob. Wait, no I'm not weepy about that. Once they're done with the crazy growing, we just get to start the countdown to eggs!

So with no further ado, the photos.

Some things change:





And others stay the same:

Nikita still wants a chick.


Kaza said...

I am dying here with the cuteness. Who knew they would be so frickin' cute?

Stephanie said...

I'm with NIkita: I want a chick, too!

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