Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick chick update #4

Ok, so I missed a week. Sue me. We got busy last week and didn't get photos of the ladies. So here we are at 4.5 weeks. The chicks are almost fully feathered now and rarely get the benefit of their heat lamp. They love to roost on the dowel in their brooder, three of them will line up at a time.

They continue to show me how, well, stupid they are by obsessively shitting in their drinking water. And failing that they knock it over so I get to clean all of the shavings out of the box to keep them dry and happy.

They have also become quite good at flying. They can make it about half way across the living room with seemingly little effort. I'll be trimming their wings soon so we can control their motion a bit more.

Mr. Dog and I have finally settled on a coop design and now the building begins. I hope it will be done in a week or so and the chicks can move out into their own place. They grow up so fast...sob.


Chicky-chicky-chicky (and Chicky)



The ladies all in a row


Anonymous said...

It's fitting that Little dog's Chicky, Chicky, Chicky has attitude just like the little man himself.


followthatdog said...

it is pretty funny how he immediately picked her as his chick and she is little miss 'tude.

Stacy (mama-om) said...


I've been wanting to get chickens for a while, but I found out I'm allergic to eggs AND chicken... and well, so that's that.

I'll admire yours.

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