Friday, June 19, 2009

Amatuer hour

Facebook last night: "Laura Williams Argilla is kind of disappointed in her pot luck performance. Forgot the spoon to put the berries on top of the cake and the tart stuck to the pan. Amateur hour. Luckily this was a pretty forgiving crowd. It may not be a slam dunk, but I'll call it a win...despite the solid performance of the ringer brought in by a mommy who shall not be named."

Well, it wasn't a total loss. The cake and tart were both eaten up well before we got to the buffet table, but it wasn't my finest work. In the world of competitive pot lucking, it was a pathetic display of poor planning. I was mortified.

But as with all hardships comes lessons worth learning. What lessons you ask. Did you learn a lesson in humility? Did you learn that taunting your competition on Facebook serves no one? No, not that lesson. Perhaps you learned about counting your chickens before they hatch (though I had no chickens before they hatched, we got them as chicks)? Perhaps it was the lesson of being too confident? No, not that lesson.

So what lesson did I learn? Last night I learned, never, and I do mean never, run out of parchment for baking. But I learned more than that. I also learned that if you do, and you decide to use aluminum foil to line the pan, you need to remember to grease the foil. I will never make those mistakes again. I promise.

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Christi Ciani said...

I bet it was awesome! Your standards are just different and I bet their 10 is probably like your 6, lol :) I totally know the feeling, though. It's how YOU wanted it to turn out and when it isn't what you envisioned it can be so BLAH :)

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