Friday, June 5, 2009

Childhood Wisdom

So, my kids are brilliant, I think we have already established that. Need more proof? Fine, here's some more pearls of wisdom from the little gurus.

Pearl #1:
While watching a TV commercial for McDonalds, Big Dog looks at me and says, "McDonald is really just a man wearing lots of make up."
"So true," I reply, brimming with pride that my older boy sees through the marketing tool that is well, a tool.
"He has some funny clothes too," he adds, and goes on about his TV viewing.

Pearl #2:
After waking this morning and giving me a quick snuggle, Little Dog hopped off my lap and went to use the potty. While he was in the bathroom, I heard some noises that might be signs of frustration or devious activities (like flushing giant wads of toilet paper, a favorite of his). I went in to find my little man singing to himself as he set himself up to use the big potty. He moved some toys out of the way, put his toilet seat insert on and climbed up all while he hummed and sang.
When he saw me watching he asked "You want to see?" and finished up his peeing, hopped down then looked in the potty. "My pee, what color is it? It's color is pee." After a thoughtful pause, he looked up at me and adds, "Nope, you wouldn't want to drink that!"

So there you go, irrefutable wisdom. We've got it in spades.


ML said...

Nope, you wouldn't want to drink that! I think I love this too much.

Beth said...

According to that guy on the Man v. Wild show, you might want to drink that pee color stuff.

But I like your boy's answer better. He is obviously the next Einstein.

followthatdog said...

Ok Beth, adding Man V. Wild to the list of shows I will never let my boys watch. Ewwww.

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