Monday, June 8, 2009

The voice of reason

These boys of mine just keep on growing. I am forever asking them to please stop. Do they listen? No, they simply do not.

The other night I had both boys on my lap reading a book at bedtime. I started in with my lament again
"Big Dog, who told you it was ok for you to get any bigger? Haven't I told you that I want you to stop growing and stay my babies forever? Why won't you listen?"

"We just grow, mama," he answered.

"But I want you to be my little guys forever. I don't want you to get any bigger!"

"Of course I want that too," he starts, in his reasonable adult intonation, "but boys grow. We just get bigger. But I'll still see you a lot. I won't go too far away."

He's only 5! Well at least he's thinking of our future. *sob*


Marinka said...

So, so sweet. We have these talks too. I love how seriously the kids take them. I'm torn between wanting to freeze this time and wanting them to hurry up and grow up so that I can be at peace that they are ok.

lilaraincity said...

I googled " I love station wagons" and found your blog. I'm already cracking up.

Princess Stupidhead said...

see this is what I miss about having all girls. boys are so sensible.

Mrs. F said...

Wahhhh, gawd, he is freaking adorable!!!!!

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