Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm sorry I called you an asshole

Today we lost a friend. Well, if a fish can be a friend. Goldy the fish decided that Independence Day was a nice day to die. Unlike the movie, she did not die fighting off alien life forms. She just made one last trip the the bottom of the tank. Mr. Dog found her. He gave me the knowing parent nod that means, "guess you're going to PetCo" and kept the boys occupied so I could make the fish run.

Unfortunately they caught me sneaking off to the car and asked what I was doing. I used the tried and true "I have an errand to run" excuse, but they weren't satisfied with that simple answer. They wanted details. In a moment of panic, I came up with a pathetic lie. "I have to get the dogs a surprise! It's an old tradition on 4th of July, dogs get surprises!" Lame, right? Sadly that's the best I could come up with. But the boys bought it and I was able to make the swap.

The new Goldy is about the right size and seems healthy and active. I'll give her a few days before I am completely convinced she'll survive. As they always say, the first days are the hardest. At some point I'm going to have to start leveling with Big Dog about fish mortality, but not right now. I'm on vacation. And with his current death obsession it would be more than I could handle. That's right, I'm being selfish, I'm not ready to cope, so I'm clamming up. If you have to take my Awesome Mommy gold star away, so be it. Wait, I never had one of those to start with. Probably due to shit like this. Whatever.


AnnetteK said...

I would do the same - I'm in no way ready to have the death talk with my kid. This is why I won't let him have a fish to begin with!

Beth said...

Wait a minute... Fish die?!

I need to go call my mom.

Kate said...

This is so funny. I didn't realize people really did that, I thought it was just on TV and stuff. Remind me never to have fish!

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