Thursday, September 17, 2009

And what would they sell at that gift shop?

The bathtub is on of the boys' favorite places. I love it too. While they bathe, I can kick back and relax. I frequently listen to their conversations. Sometimes they act out super hero stories. Sometimes it's an ongoing battle of who was splashed and who did the splashing. And sometimes it is just odd. Like the other night.
"You're going to the butt and eyeball museum," Big Dog announces matter-of-factly to Little Dog. You might think he'd object, but you'd be wrong. Then they went on to talk about the museum for the remainder of their bath.
No, I have no idea what prompted it. Nor do I know what or where the butt and eyeball museum might be. All I know is that when I think the boys can't get any weirder, they prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the weirdness is genetic. Wasn't someone just accusing me of being weird?

Auntie K

ps I don't want to go to that museum.

geekymummy said...

It is at UCL in London. The pickled weird medical oddity library (nails in brains, one eyed unborn babies, strange tumors, definately lots of eyeballs, and probably some butts too). You should go, they would love it!

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