Thursday, October 15, 2009

Milkin' the birthday

And seriously, how can I not post a photo when he looks this ridiculously cute? Unfortunately as I write this, he looks a bit less cute. Turns out when he was telling me his tummy hurt this morning, he really meant "hey mommy, if you don't take me back home instead of dropping me off at school this morning, I'm going to vomit not once, not twice, but three separate times as they take me to the office to call you to pick me up." And no, he wasn't acting sick all morning as he argued with his brother, resisted putting his shoes on and bantered with me in the car on the way to school. This was one of those, as we parked the car, as we got ready to walk him to the playground kind of instant illnesses. I really am not one of those moms. You know the ones I mean, the ones who send sick kids to school in hopes they aren't sick enough to get sent home. I wasn't even home by the time I got the call to pick him up. They hadn't even done attendance, so I didn't even have to sign him out when I got back not more than 20 minutes after dropping him off.
I got him home, made a bed on the sofa and tucked him in. I went downstairs to get him something to drink and by the time I got back upstairs, he was out like a light. Slept solidly for the next 4 hours. And when he woke up he was back to being Big Dog, apart from the fact he didn't feel much like eating. By dinner, he was asking for sausage with extra catsup. In other words, not at all acting like a sick child. Now I just have to wait and see if he's back to spewing in the morning.
And I'm not complaining, ok, I guess I am, but I'm off work this week. My company has a shutdown and since the boys are in school and Mr. Dog is working, I had planned to just do my stuff this week. And I may be a bad mom for even saying this, but I felt a bit robbed of a day off when he got sick during my week off. I guess I'll just juggle a bit and try to fit my stuff in around taking care of my patient. I even managed to pick up an antique chair on craigslist that needed reupholstering and have spent the past three days learning the fine art of upholstery. Turns out upholstery is a lot like a a craft version of working a puzzle. I really enjoyed it, but man is it ever physically taxing. It's done now, and I love the outcome.

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