Monday, October 19, 2009

The Way Back Machine

Back when I was pregnant with Little Dog, Big Dog was little more than a toddler. This is one of my favorite Big Dog stories from that time.
In my memory of the toddler years, Big Dog has these adorable chubby thighs and a bubble butt that needs to be patted. And I did pat it frequently. He'd always giggle as I said "pat, pat, pat" and pat-pat-patted his little bum. Fresh from the bath, while getting dressed, even if he was just roaming around in the buff as he often did back then, I couldn't help myself, and the giggle that it evoked was contagious. How could I stop? It was a thing in our house, our new house in our new city.
We'd just recently moved to Seattle and were still trying to find our way around. After becoming pregnant, I'd started looking for a doula to help me during labor since our previous experience had been so positive. My OB recommended a local doula group and, as a family, we went to an open house to check them out. Since he was not quite two at the time, Big Dog's attention easily wandered and Mr. Dog took him outside to walk up and down the sidewalk this warm summer evening while I talked more to the women who might end up assisting us in our labor.
As they walked, a trio of young women came by taking a walk enjoying the warm weather. And as they do in warm weather, these young women were very, um, lightly dressed. One of the young girls was dressed in a very short skirt as teenage girls sometimes do, because they can. They stopped for a moment when they came to where Mr. Dog was letting Big Dog roam. They cooed over the adorable blond toddler with the chubby cheeks and sparking blue eyes before they started to walk by. As they left Big Dog reached up and pat-pat-patted the short-skirted girl's bottom, saying "Pat, pat, pat," just like mommy as he did.
Luckily she had a sense of humor about my toddler's freshness.

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Beth said...

Cute! I love how toddlers know no boundaries.

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