Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The neverending story (or at least it feels like it)

Mr. Dog has very few vices. He does not stay out late carousing, not does he treat me badly, spend too much money or chase women. He is a good man, a good husband and a good dad. There are very few things Mr. Dog does that drive me batty. Unless football is on. Then he becomes a different man. No, he does not stay out late, or treat me badly, or spend money or chase women. He does, however, yell at the TV. He also becomes completely deaf to the world going on around him. I could burn the house down around him, and he probably wouldn't notice until it was too late. The children could tear apart the room, get into forbidden things or disappear completely and he'd be oblivious until the game ended. And we have Tivo. So on Sunday this is not just for one game. It is for all of the games. All day long and into the night.
I don't complain too much. Well, I try not to complain too much. Like I said before, if football is is vice, it really isn't a bad one. It makes him happy and I try to keep that in mind as I will myself not to scratch my own eyes out of their sockets. (There is really only so much football I can stand to watch.)


chihuahua5 said...

you mean Sunday night AND Monday night football! Mr. Dog is a keeper as indeed this is his only vice....well that and bacon :)

Beth said...

I LOVE watching football. Maybe even more so than my husband does.

Hmmm.... I wonder if it ever bothers him? I can seriously tune him out during a good game.

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