Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The younger generation

Tonight as I was cooking dinner I rummaged through the cheese box and found a package of cream cheese. Since I was making a salmon and leek risotto, I thought I might just throw it in to use it up. Unfortunately when I opened it, it had fur. It may have had teeth as well. "Ewwwww!" and without looking long enough to learn the cheese's name, I just followed my impulse to toss it in the trash.
Immediately Mr. Dog sprung forward. "Hey! You could have put that in the compost!" Little Dog was right behind him, "I wanna see!"
"Well, it's in the trash. You can't see it. Trust me, it was creepy."
Mr. Dog decided to dig it out of the trash and put it in the pail of scraps for the worm bin.
Little Dog took a peek and they both agreed I was right, "That's gross!" exclaimed Little Dog.
"You're going to put it in the worm bin and they're gonna say 'Is that compost or is it trash!'"
Yes, my three year old makes jokes about the quality difference between compostables and garbage. And at this very moment I had to admit, I'm raising some kind of hippie kids.

1 comment:

geekymummy said...

Ours too! And I'm with little dog, if there is a gross science experiment on the fridge it must be "admired" by everyone before being discarded!

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