Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In good company

On Facebook today, one of my friends announced that she has officially been declared "The Meanest Mommy in the Whole Wide World."
I suggested we book a world tour because I am the reigning "Worst Mommy Ever." I imagined public appearances to sold out crowds of moms happy not to be us. We could stun them with our badass ways and give lectures to aspiring crappy moms.
Turns out we are in a league of mommies not to be messed with. In that very Facebook thread, I was introduced to "The Mommy Who is Ruining Christmas for Everyone," and "The Meanest Mommy in the Universe."
Amazing that four women with such powerful titles were all online today and all connected by my buddy Stephanie. It sounds like the honor of holding titles should bond us in some kind of sisterhood of shitty mothers that rule the world. I'm going to make team jackets or something.
Do you hold such a title? Yeah? What is it?

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