Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zhu Zhu nation

Christmas shopping can be pretty stressful. Especially if you block out the demands of your children for months then they refuse to remind you of their lists when you are actually ready to shop just days before the big event. But I think I've already bitched about that.
Anyhow I did remember the Zhu Zhu Pet obsession. I tried to nip that in the bud as soon as I learned they were the season's "hot" gift and as illusive as unicorns. After hearing that demand several times, I explained that I'd called Santa and he said didn't think there would be enough Zhu Zhu pets to satisfy the demands this year so he couldn't promise one. Big Dog took it in stride.
"That's ok," he said. "I guess I'll want that for my birthday." And a disaster was averted.
Then, when I sat down to shop and I couldn't remember much else from his list I decided to just check and see if Zhu Zhu pets were really available. And to my surprise they were. Right there on Amazon, with free shipping no less! Fantastic. So I ordered them. One gift down.
On Christmas morning, after the gifts had been opened, Big Dog commented, "There were just two things that I asked for that I didn't get!"
Apparently he's doing some kind of new math, because by my count there were thousands of things he mentioned that didn't make it under the tree, but I sure wasn't going to point that out to him! Instead I said, "Remember, Santa doesn't promise to bring you everything, but he tries to bring you things that you want. And look, he got you that Zhu Zhu pet you wanted!"
"He told me there weren't going to be enough. I guess he took mine from someone else and gave it to be because he knew I really really wanted it."
"I guess so," I agreed. "He was probably impressed by how good you were."
"Or maybe," he offered, "The person who he was going to give it to was really really whiny, so he took it away." Nodding sagely he adds, "Santa hates whiners."
Well yes he does. And as it turns out, Mama hates Zhu Zhu pets. Those things are annoying!


chihuahua5 said...

hee hee! i actually think those zhu zhus are cute!!!!

followthatdog said...

Auntie Chihuahua, I'm not at all surprised, didn't you own a Furby?

geekymummy said...

I actually don't know what they are! I'm sure I'll fine out!

followthatdog said...

They are these weird motorized hamsters that you build hamster habitats for. That part of them is fine, quite a moneymaking scheme if you ask me, but when you have to listen to their little voices and squeaks for any period of time it wears on your sanity.

chihuahua5 said...

yes..i did own a furby...but zhu zhu looks more fun!! :)

mamamilkers said...

Eloise got a Zhu Zhu AND a unicorn for XMas! Beat THAT! ha ha. Both were given to her by her grandmother. I wanted nothing to do with the little hamsters but you know, they got alot of play at grandma's house and now that we're home they haven't been turned on once.

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