Friday, January 1, 2010

No so full of resolve

Every new year I set myself some new goals. Resolutions. Some may say it is a tradition. I think it is more like a bad habit. I never achieve any of these goals, and in most cases it is only a matter of weeks before I abandon them completely. It isn't that I start off thinking won't at least try to stick to them, I guess I just have poor follow through. Or maybe, it's just that these goals really aren't that important in the big picture of things. I mean, if they were important, why would I have to wait until New Year's Day to decide to do something about them? Sure, when I write them down they sound admirable. They sound like goals I have lined up to make my life better. But the big important stuff in my life actually tends to get done. I prioritize it and make it happen. So really, this stuff, no matter how good it sounds, is probably just the crap I've been letting slide. And if I've been letting it slide this long, why would writing it down make it any more important now?

Instead of the big lofty important-sounding goals this year, maybe I'll just list some of the stuff I'd like to knock off my to do list and if it doesn't happen, well, no one will be all that surprised.

1. Conquer Mt. Washed. We have laundry folding issues. In fact the giant pile of clean but unfolded laundry in our bedroom is so persistent, so enormous, it has been named. Sometimes we get in there and fold the hell out of it. Occasionally it disappears entirely. But that's rare. So maybe we'll try to do that this year. At least once. And maybe, just maybe I'll find some way, if not to rid myself of Mt. Washed completely, at least to make it look a bit less overwhelming while I ignore it.

2. Hire a new housekeeper. Well everyone knows I'm not going to get around to cleaning the house. I need to get the house into housekeeper hunting condition (meaning clean enough they don't run screaming when they come to quote a price), but after that I need to hand it off to the professionals. Trust me, it is the best for all involved. I just need to do it.

3. Work out a schedule. I'm good about jamming all of my necessary tasks into my week, but at the end I notice some things never get done. I've been trying to find a way to get some sort of workout fit in there, and I have even tried early morning classes to combat that (yes, I survived one whole week of 6:30 am kickboxing classes before I decided it would kill me to continue) but I need to figure out how to do that. Not sure how I plan on working it out, but since this is more of the "List of shit that I should do, but probably won't" than a real list of resolutions, I thought I'd stick it on there.

4. Stop making lists like this. They're pointless. They're not even funny. Jeez.

In all honesty, I only have one resolution this year. I'm going to do anything in my power to help 2010 suck less than 2009. Not so specific, but the spirit of this one is important.


Beth said...

Actually, I like your lists!

And Mt. Washed is a good name. :)

Unfinished Rambler said...

Your list looks very admirable...if not completely unattainable. ;) As for not being funny, well, it was to me.

Seriously, though, you kept it simple and didn't break it down into a top 10 list like I did. At least, if you fail, IF, notice I say, then you fail on a small scale. Me? I'm going to fail hugely.

Green said...

My trick for folding laundry is to fold it as it comes out of the dryer. When that's not an option (either due to my back hurting or others waiting for the dryer) I sit down in front of the tv to fold laundry, then put it away in the commercials.

Tv really IS helpful.

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