Monday, January 4, 2010

Time Warp

Going into the new year I was pretty down on the "Best of 2009" lists. I think 2009 kind of sucked. Sure there were parts that were less sucky, but overall, instead of dwelling on the very few bright spots, I'd prefer to treat it like a bad relationship and move on.
What I found more interesting were the "end of a decade" kind of lists. It was like the decade slipped by and I hardly noticed it was wrapping up. I guess I was too caught up in the suckfest that was 2009. Sure you could debate the whole "what year really begins the new decade" but let's skip that for now. Someone I know posted a facebook status saying something like "Ten years ago we decided not to attend one of those expensive 2000 NYE galas. It was a great decision." There were also posts about the Y2K scare that held the potential to wipe out civilization as we know it but really just ended up being the computer equivalent of writing the wrong year on your check, in other words, not a big deal.
Thinking about this stuff gave me one of those "Where the hell am I and how did I end up here?" moments. I remember celebrating the end of the century, partying like it was 1999 (because it was). We went to a celebration at a friend's house, had some of the nicest fish I have ever eaten, toasted with some expensive champagne and went home. I'm going to admit that I had made sure to keep a big tub of water and had stocked up on some canned food just. in. case. but we weren't really worried. I just didn't want to be the one starving asshole who didn't take the warning seriously.
In the interceding ten years my life has dramatically changed. Mr. Dog and I got engaged, then married. We had a baby, moved to Seattle and bought a house. We rounded out our brood with another baby. We lost Rosie, then got Nikita. We lost Mao, then got Dashiell. In January of 2000, I started a new job at a new company, leaving the misery of the art college I worked at previously behind. I've been there ever since. My job changed as I grew into new roles at work. Mr. Dog's job changed, multiple times, multiple companies. Friends got married, had babies, changed jobs, changed partners. I feel a world apart from where we were 10 years ago, and yet it feels like yesterday. Back then I was young and hip and single. Now I'm old and married and surly. Well, I guess I was surly back then too, but now it is more of a lifestyle than an attitude.
What were you doing in 2000, and are you as shell-shocked when you realize that was ten years ago as I am?


Beth said...

Are you sure you did the math right? I think we should try counting again.

geekymummy said...

So long ago, but yet not. I moved in with Geekydaddy in January 2000. Not a bad ten years really, come to think of it, but where did it go. I tagged you for high fives of 09, but won't be offended if you can't be arsed with it!

Draft Queen said...

I got married in 2000. And pregnant.

And now I'm engaged to marry a different man in 9.5 years.

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