Friday, February 12, 2010

Back on the bottle

We celebrated Little Dog's birthday with sushi of they conveyor belt variety. Judge if you must, but it is great for kids. And truth be told, I love sushi. In my world, even bad sushi is better than no sushi. Well, not bad sushi, but you get the idea.
So we were eating sushi. Big Dog with his more tried and true selections, Little Dog with anything that looks exotic. For example, he now knows he does not enjoy saba (mackerel) no matter how shiny and silver the skin looks. And I know how saba looks, partially chewed and spit out into my hand. It's awesome.
As we sat and watched the spider rolls cruise by, Little Dog exclaims, " I want that! Look! A thumb!" and if you looked at the tempura fried soft shelled crab sticking out of the perfectly formed roll, you can see it. And yeah, I guess it look like a thumb. And yeah, he wants to eat it. He later tries to explain that he didn't think it was a real thumb, just a sushi thumb.
At this particular restaurant they include weird sodas on the conveyor belt. Things with strange names, like "Cricket Cola" or some imported Japanese beverage in a bottle that looks like a cross between a lava lamp and an hourglass. They roll past us through the duration of our meal without a comment, then Little Dog spies on. "Papa! Get that wine! For you!"
We giggle, our children have never had a soda. They have no idea that this pink drink trucking by is sugary and bubbly. They think it is a bottle of wine. For papa. My smug, superior parent smirks spreads across my face and stays there for the remainder of the meal. Then another bottle passes by. "Papa! There's a beer! Get it!" cries Big Dog.
I turn to Mr. Dog. "They've never had a soda, so they think it's all beer or wine. We should be proud of that."
"Or maybe..." starts Mr. Dog. I interrupt.
"Fine, they think everything that comes in a bottle is either beer or wine. We could take that to mean we're terrible parents." I grin conspiratorially, "But I'm going to choose to believe the other. It requires less introspection."


Kirsten said...

I love this! My middle girl has always been a sugar-a-holic. Over the past 3-4 months I've phased out all sugary foods in the house. They still get some now and then when we are out, but none live in the house. My middle girl has actually said on more than one occasion in the last week that something is too sweet. In my world? Victory. 100% victory.

followthatdog said...

Little dog is a sugar junkie. If I'd let him, he'd eat cookies for breakfast lunch and dinner, with chocolate for snacks.

geekymummy said...

Mine too! They pretend their juice is wine, and I have no doubt they do it at preschool during dramatic play! The shame!

chihuahua5 said...

did you go to Sushi Maru or Blue C?

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