Monday, February 22, 2010

A bit harsh, no?

He had an ear infection. I'm going to put that out there just because it might offer some kind of explanation. We'd spent this fine Saturday morning in the pediatrician's office instead of karate class. The diagnosis? Well, when she peered into the offending ear, her reaction was to cringe. Infection, yes. Bulging ear drum. I hate even thinking of that word in the context of my child's ear. She went on to warn me that we might see some oozing, but since we were to leave the office, go directly to the pharmacy and start the antibiotics immediately, even if it did burst (another word I don't want to use in the context of my child's ear) we wouldn't need to do anything other than just continue with the amoxicillin. Fantastic.
So that just sets the tone of the day. Though he had been taking ibuprofen for the pain and for the most part, seemed to be doing pretty well. He'd been playing with his brother, jumping around, and his appetite had returned. In fact, the watermelon was what started this exchange. They boys had polished off the little seedless watermelon and Little Dog wanted more. Unfortunately there was no more, so when I met his request by telling him I'd get more, but I'd have to go to the store to do that later, he cursed me.
Yep, that's right. My angelic looking 4-year-old shouted in a gravely voice, "I CURSE YOU!"
No idea where he got that from, but it just goes to show whenever I think they can't get any weirder, they just have to prove me wrong.

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