Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Q & A

Mr. Dog is putting the boys to bed. He's getting them into pajamas and ushering them toward their room, and as he does this, Little Dog is asking questions. Lots of questions. He has clearly entered the "Age of Why".

Why do we have ceilings?
Why do we have two legs?
Why do we have blankets?
Why do we have floors?
Why do we have noses?
Why do we have two eyes?
And so on.

After patiently answering about 32,000 questions, Mr. Dog finally retorts, "Why do you have so many questions?"
Without missing a beat, Little Dog replies, "I'm trying to figure out why we have so much stuff!"
And the questions start right back up.

Why do we have dogs?
Why do the fish have water?
Why do we have pajamas?

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