Monday, March 22, 2010

The Notebook (but this one doesn't suck)

Big Dog came across an old notepad the other day. It's a small tablet of paper bound with a spiral at the top. We got this back in the days when Blue's Clues was all the rage in our house. That phase has long past but since we are essentially pack rats, and the notebook was more or less unused, it has stayed in the art table, tucked away and waiting to be rediscovered.
So today Big Dog decided he needed this small notebook, and when we were preparing to leave our house for a playdate, he rounded up a pencil to take with it. The boys had to wait a minute in the yard as I resettled the booster seats in the car, then put the chickens back into their coop. As I did this, Big Dog started sketching.

His first sketch was of the chickens in the garden behind the wire mesh that keeps them from roaming the whole yard while they are out for their recess from their coop.

After the playdate, we all went out for dinner in Ballard. On the way there, Big Dog made several more sketches. As we sat in the waiting are of the Hi Life waiting for our table he made a few more. After a bit, he showed me a few more. He drew them quickly, getting only an impression of the scenes he passed on the way, but I thought they were pretty cool, and even cooler that he had decided to take an artistic approach to documenting his day.

The "EAT" sign on the Uma restaurant near the Hi Life in Ballard.

A wine glass hanging in the bar.

A waiter.

A fire extinguisher.

And a store we passed on the drive over.

Yes, the Love Zone. If it sounds a little bit like a sex shop, that's because it is. Albeit a sex shop that advertises with old looking pulp magazine kind of art. Pretty eye catching. Even for a 6 year old. Can't say he isn't observant.


Sarah Vasquez said...

That's pretty hilarious about Love Zone!

Sybil Runs Things said...

Oh my, it's a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read this! I knew exactly what that was before I read your explanation!

geekymummy said...

Ha! Brilliant pictures, he is one cool little dude. You might have moved our of San Francisco, but at least you still live near a decent sex shop.

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