Friday, March 19, 2010

The strangest wish

Bounce houses, cupcakes and goody bags, what's not to love about Little Dog's birthday. All of it was pretty standard for a child's birthday party. Until he sat down at the giant tower of cupcakes ready to be serenaded with the birthday song.
I used the fireplace lighter they provided in the party room since my matches had somehow gotten misplaced. You know those things, the long plastic lighters with a trigger mechanism to start the flame. They are kind of cool. And to a little kid they must look even cooler, but I was still surprised when Little Dog, ever obsessed with super heroes and their superpowers looked at me with his eyes full of awe and said, "Mama, I wish I had the power to turn people into flames!"
Um, yeah. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean anything by it. But only pretty sure. I'm going to go ahead and hide the matches either way.

So make me feel better, has your child ever said something that gave you pause? Yeah? What was it?


geekymummy said...

He is the funniest kid.

my daughter keeps telling me she has a penis. Lady Gaga wannabe, maybe?!

Sarah Vasquez said...

One time Juliet told her father "I will cut you"... it was alarming until she told us she meant with her sharp finger nails.

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