Wednesday, April 28, 2010


When I was in my early 20s I'd stick my hand in my pocket to find a collection of Muni transfers, change and Altoids. I was single, lived and worked in the city and spent my spare time (and money) out with my friend in bars or restaurants. The friends I made at this time in my life are like my extended family to this day.

When I was in my late 20s my pockets were filled with plastic baggies and dog treats. The Muni transfers were traded for car keys, the change was replaced with some small bills. Mr. Dog and I had moved in together and got a dog, then another. I'd started working in San Jose and had a hellish daily commute, but we were happy living in the Mission. Crazy in love, I'd found my partner and together we began our life together surrounded with our dogs

When I was in my early 30s I had pockets filled with pacifiers, baggies of wipes and plastic keys. Soon these were replaced with cheerios and a Mustella hydra-stick for soothing chapped cheeks. I was a new mom. I was frequently sleep deprived and a little bit worn, utterly besotted with my babies. The center of my world expanded to include these new people and they worked hard to break me in as a mother.

In my mid 30s my pockets again became my own. They are cluttered with receipts, a few dollars and a lipstick or two. My keys, wallet and cellphone frequently round out the cargo since I don't always carry a purse. My boys are bigger, they are more self contained. If they need to bring something with us, they can usually carry it. My pockets now carry the trappings of a working woman, the few things grabbed as I leave the house mixed with the remains of the previous day's activities. We are constantly in motion, buzzing with activity at all times. I know this is just the beginning as we rush from work to school to playdate to activity. And I wouldn't change it for the world. (Though I might occasionally slacken the pace...)

Occasionally, I stick my hand in my pocket and find a small car or a special rock gathered for a small boy's "rock collection." Though I am a mom of bigger boys, I am still a mom. I cannot go too far without a reminder from the boys.

What do you have in your coat pocket?


geekymummy said...

I have a topless miniature princess Ariel doll in mine!

Misha said...

I just really like this post. Nice one.

Katherine said...

Dog poop bags. Always dog poop bags. Just in case! Never know when you'll need one!

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