Saturday, September 4, 2010


Summer is nearly over.  The boys are home until Wednesday, and then life returns to rigorous schedules, pick ups and drop offs and the general madness of a working family with kids in schools and too many commitments.
In the next three days we have to get set for a big day of back to school.  We've just finished the back to school shopping.  School supplies are purchased.  Next up labeling and prepping things in the backpack.
We've got clothes, but I think we'll try to simplify the first few days back by picking the outfits in advance, so that needs to be done too.  And naturally they'll need to get labels too.
Little Dog will be returning to his preschool, but we'll need to get his gear washed and ready since we took it all home on the last day of summer. We'll need to pick his outfits and get him set to go back to his class full of new friends.  And because his first day back will coincide with Big Dog's first day at 1st grade and his first day will need to be as special as his big brother's.
I'm big on tradition.  Last year on the boy's first day of school I decided to begin a new tradition.  The first day of school is started with fresh baked cinnamon rolls. So we'll need to prep those the day before so they can be baked in the morning, waking the family to the warm, yeasty scent that only freshly baked goods can provide.  So let's add that to my to do list.
To up the stakes a bit, I'm leaving on Thursday for a business trip.  An international business trip.  For a 8 days.  Leaving Mr. Dog solo with the kids.  And feeling kind of guilty about this isn't making my life any easier.  Neither is feeling kind of unprepared.  I'll need to make sure I have an appropriate packable wardrobe that will work in Amsterdam and London with out ironing or discomfort.  And I need to mentally prepare for the flight.  That never comes easily for me.
I also want to make the next three days big fun for the kids.  We've got a playdate tomorrow with Big Dog's best friend.  Monday is still free of plans, but we'll work on that.  Tuesday, I'm bringing them to work to watch my team's wiffle ball game.  And no, I'm not joking.  After that we'll probably get some lunch then hit the park.  Then head home to make those cinnamon rolls.
Wednesday is going to put us to the test.  We'll have to get back on the morning schedule that had us done with drop offs by 8:50 am.  I'll have to get back to packing lunches (had the summer off since their summer program offered daily meals) and the delivery and retrievals from two locations.
And then I have to accept the fact that my boys are growing by leaps and bounds.  That might be the toughest challenge yet.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to sharpen the pencils.

Auntie K

followthatdog said...

Trust me, we won't. We got a fancy dog shaped sharpener for that very purpose.
Thanks again for being an awesome aunt and a fantastic sister.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Best of luck, I hope the cinnamon wafts so sweetly that the dogs awaken with smiles already in place !~! May your trip be fruitful...

Sybil Runs Things said...

I think Mr. Dog and I need to start some sort of support group for parents who have partners who travel a lot! Whew!

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