Monday, February 28, 2011

Art and controversy

"Stop it, Little Dog!" Big Dog yells in the back seat of the car.
"It's a picture of you, Big Dog.  And you're peeing!" says his impish younger brother
"Mama, Little Dog is drawing inappropriate pictures of me!" he says turning his attention to getting his brother in trouble since telling him to stop wasn't working.
"Why is it in appropriate?" asks Mr. Dog as we both struggle to hide our amusement.  "Don't you pee?"
"Yes," he says in his best huffy teen imitation, "but this pictures shows me peeing on the floor!"
"Oh, then it is in appropriate!" I agree.  "Stop it, Little Dog," I say mildly, without even turning around.
"Ok, I'll draw another picture for you, Big Dog," he says as though he can make it better.
A few minutes pass and another cry comes up from his indignant big brother.
"Stop it!" he howls.
"This is a picture of you in your underpants!" cackles Little Dog.
Mr. Dog steps in, "Little Dog, your brother doesn't like your pictures.  Why not draw someone else?"
"Ok," he says setting immediately back to work.  "This one is of a diaper!"
"Oh my, that's silly!" says Mr. Dog.
"No, it's in appropriate," says Little Dog.
"Nah, you know what would be in appropriate?  A picture of me doing the dishes!" says Mr. Dog, fueling the silliness.
"Not really in appropriate," I mutter, "Just unlikely."  But I am largely ignored.
"You know what else would be in appropriate?  Me folding laundry!" and the boys all settle back into their teasing and laughing.
Later, at lunch, the boys start drawing more "inappropriate" pictures.  Like this one. Yes, that's Mr. Dog doing dishes.  Inappropriate!

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geekymummy said...

hey, a picture of my husband!

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