Friday, March 25, 2011

My week in bullets

Too lazy to write an introspective or even entertaining post, thought I'd just resort to summarizing my week in a sentence fragments preceded by bullet points.  It's kind of lazy but it gets me putting words on the page. So here it goes.

• Spent the weekend recovering from strep. Hadn't had strep in years, rediscovered just how much it sucked.  It really really hurts.  Took the better parts of three days to feel better even with the antibiotics.

• Recovered just in time to fly to San Jose to participate in a management training program.  Downside, training covered stuff I already knew and wasn't really all that good at covering it.  Upside, met another sarcastic, dog loving manager who helped me cope.  Now I'm even looking forward to the next session.

•  Grandma was able to come up and stay with the boys while I was out of town because Mr. Dog is working crazy person hours this week.  Really, he's getting home at about 1am every night.  Thanks Grandma!

• Came back to a massive backlog of email and stacked up work.  And emails from Little Dog's preschool teacher requesting a conference.  Apparently all is not well in shorty-ville.

•  Put the boys to bed at night while Mr. Dog was at work and played single mom in the mornings so he could get a little sleep after his long nights.  I'm exhausted.  I have no idea how real single parents do it.  I think they all deserve some kind of award. 

• Had the teacher conference at preschool and now wonder if I have made a massive mistake leaving Little Dog there all this time.  Not sure they get my little guy at all.  Trying to decide whether I pull him out now and put him someplace else until summer or if that would be worse than trying to cope until we can move on to summer camp before kindergarten starts.

• Got the call that Big Dog was sick at school, picked him up with a stomach ache.  He ended up vomiting when we got home.

• Picked Little Dog up to find out he'd had diarrhea during the day.  Worried that he was getting sick, I fed them both a mild dinner and hoped I wouldn't be revisiting the meal later that evening.

•  Kept the boys home despite the fact that they both were acting well.  I figured better safe than sorry.  Worked from home as the boys caused a general ruckus in the background during every phone call and ran me ragged with demands any time I wasn't on the phone. 

•  Was fooled into thinking they were both well, then Big Dog started complaining of stomach pains again.  Then threw up.  Multiple times.  He's still not feeling well.

•  Looking forward to tomorrow when Mr. Dog won't be going back to work in the evening and maybe I can be allowed to sleep in.  This week was kind of a suckfest, I hope the next one is better.

And yes, I'm kind of a whiner.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

I’d be whining too. You are entitled to whine, whinge and whimper as needed; weeks like this one reverb in my mind and all my empathy neurons start firing for you. Hope it gets better. Thinking of you and the men !~

Fremont Mama said...

Hope you were able to sleep in! Next week has got to be better. I'd be interested to here more about little dog's conference.

geekymummy said...

Wow, that's a week.
I'm in management training too, but it is onsite, and though it is mainly the bog standard situational leadership/smart goal stuff the teacher is at least very good so it isn't a total waste of time.

Hope little do is ok. Wish he could come to our preschool, they do really well with high energy lively boys.

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