Tuesday, August 9, 2011

That kind of mom

I've been reading old posts on my blog lately trying to gain some inspiration.  You may have noticed that my productivity has greatly reduced recently and at best you're getting one post a week. Not that long ago I was writing several times a week, not just regurgitating stories of the boys' adventures, but actually making observations, being creative and heck, funny.  I'm not sure what's changed.

I've been reading other blogs again lately as well.  These other bloggers seem to write with more purpose.  Their posts not only retell stories from their lives, but pull from their experiences analyzing the work of being a mom, a woman, a career person and a writer.  Just like I used to do.

As I think about it, I'm wondering if I've lost that touch.  Maybe I'm in a lull in my writing.  Maybe I'm undisciplined and lazy.  Maybe I'm just too damn tired.  Or maybe I've changed.  Maybe I've become the kind of mom who no longer marvels at the experience of motherhood and instead just slogs through with the single-minded great hope of surviving the day and getting a good night's sleep (or at least something like a good night's sleep).  Maybe I just need more coffee.

Whatever the reason I'm trying to fix it.  I'm prepping for my sabbatical during which I hope to be writing a book.  I'd better find my funny before I get started on that!  While this may not greatly up the frequency of my posts, I'm hoping at least I'll be doing more inspired writing, making you laugh more and feeling a bit more "fulfilled" as a writer in the coming weeks. And I'll probably be drinking more coffee too.

On a side note, if you happen to know of any good resources for writing prompts, please let me know.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

I have missed your cheerful stories of the boys’ adventures and observations about the world in which they live. Hope your mojo rejoins your desires soon.

wv joyessiv somewhere in there is a message-i am looking for same.

dancing_lemur said...

I'm in yet another posting slump right now, too. Maybe we should come up with weekly prompts and form a Slump-Breaking Prompt Club.

AnnetteK said...

Dude. ME TOO. All of it. If you find those writing prompts let me know.

Kalei said...

Your blog is adorable! We're a company based around children/family furniture, would love to stay in touch! :)

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