Monday, October 10, 2011


What did the zero say to the eight?  Nice belt.  Get it? (joke as told by Big Dog)

As of today I am the mother of an eight-year old.  Unbelievable.  You'd think year after year I'd get used to the seemingly breakneck speed with which these birthday arrive, but each new age seems to come up faster than the last.  I wonder if I'll ever feel prepared when the birthdays arrive, and somehow I doubt it.

Happy birthday, Big Dog.  It's been an amazing 8 years.  I look at you now and I see such a big kid. You are always game to try new things and never shy to share your opinions.   You are compassionate, fair-minded and kind, but you like to see things turn out in your favor and will sometimes take steps to manipulate the outcome to your advantage.  Many times, because you are so sweet and charming, people don't even see it coming which leads your grandma to suggest you will either earn a living as a lawyer or a con man, and the more I see you in action, the more I tend to agree.

As you get older I am enjoying watching you learn about the world.  Our conversations in the car on the way to school show me how your mind works and it makes me so proud.  The other day our discussion about homelessness nearly brought me to tears.  You care so deeply about others it moves me.

I love your sense of humor and I know you pride yourself on the ability to make people laugh.  You love telling jokes, even if they don't always make sense, quoting lines from TV or movies and physical humor is a big part of your routine.  In fact, it has become almost impossible to get a photo of you without making a face or rocking some kind of ridiculous pose.  I guess it is payback from all of those years I did the same thing to my poor dad.

This year has not been all easy for you.  You've been moodier and more easily frustrated.  It's like you're beginning to understand that the world doesn't revolve around you and you aren't so happy about it.  Your temper is quick, just like mine, but you don't seem to hold grudges long. I've had a chance to see glimpses what awaits me in your teenage years, and I am bracing myself.

The past year you've discovered your love of math, chess and soccer.  You still love school and have surrounded yourself with a good group of friends.  I'm so happy you seem to choose the nicest kids to be your buddies.  Bey Blades and your DS seem to be your favorite toys, in fact you're obsessed with them.  Makes me wonder what it will be next year.

You still love your pets, your parents and your brother, though you two seem to fight more now than in the past.  As he tries to take control more often you seem to try to override him which seems to lead to more blow ups than before.  I'm sure this will work itself out in time, but I still see you being gentle and caring enough with him that I don't worry too much about you two.

I love you big guy.  I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see where this next year takes you.
Happy birthday, I love you like crazy.


Sybil Runs Things said...

What a sweet birthday post! Sounds like you have an amazing little (big) guy :)

geekymummy said...

Such a big boy now, but it is such a great age, being eight. Smart, social, but yet still with that childish wonder about the world. I'm looking forward to mine being eight, I love eight year olds, but yet dreading it at the same time. Enjoy. Miss you guys.

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