Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rude Awakenings or The Case Against Bunk Beds

Yesterday was pretty action packed, so that might have been the cause.  We started with Big Dog's soccer match, then a trip to Toys R Us where Grandma bought Big Dog his birthday present and Little Dog got a microphone (not sure this was a great idea in retrospect, but he seems to be enjoying it...a bit too much perhaps).  After that it was off to Costco where we stocked up on pajamas and the boys had hot dogs for a late lunch.  By the time we got home, there was a little time to play with the new toys before we headed off to the Seattle Sounders match.    That's a lot for two little men, and for their mom.

We made it through the game and back home.  When got back home they were even tired enough to fall asleep quickly.  Or at least that's why we thought they fell asleep.  We were proven wrong about 45 minutes later when Little Dog woke up crying.  And then we heard the splash sound.  And another.  Yep, he was awake and vomiting.

Mr. Dog and I sprung into action, I got Little Dog out of his dirty shirt and into the bathroom, poised near the toilet just in case there were more stomach contents that were waiting to escape.  I started to strip the sheets while trying not to lose any of the already lost chunks.  If you've ever tried to change the sheets on an upper bunk in the dark without waking a sleeping child on the lower bunk, you'll understand the acrobatics involved.  I was just getting the first sick-spattered pillow off the bed and into the washer when Mr. Dog was working on cleaning the splatter up off the floor.  That's when he discovered the mess was worse than expected. 

Not only had he filled his sheets and dosed the floor in vomit, he'd also given his brother a vomit hat.  We're still not sure how he managed to vomit so precisely on his brother's head and pillow on the lower bunk, but there are larger questions here to ponder.  How did his brother manage to sleep through it?

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geekymummy said...

Just begging for a spinal tap reference here, and a paraphrase: he choked on vomit. Not his own, somebody else's. But you can't dust for vomit.

I see premonitions of the boys college days in this post, and hope that this is the first and only time big dog sleeps in someone else's vomit. If his college days are anything like ours though I suspect not.

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