Sunday, May 18, 2008

Panic in the Disco

What did I think would happen? Do I not know my own children by this time? Maybe I was fooled by the clever advertising, or maybe I just wasn't really thinking. I'm talking about Baby Loves Disco, the kid oriented dance party. Unfortunately, it turns out that my babies do not love disco. Not much at all.
Little dog, my dance machine, had no interest in dancing. It might have been the heat, or the fact that he had skipped nap, but he was in a punk rock state of mind and wanted no part of this "disco" stuff. Instead he decided to explore the scene. He discovered an inflatable palm tree decoration in one corner of the dance floor and it became his target. Not sure how it offended, but he decided it must be attacked. He ran at it full speed and grabbed it. But as inflatable palm trees sometimes do, it bounced and knocked him on his bum. Surprised but undaunted, he launched a second attack. A mommy sitting near by laughed. Bad choice. The last thing a pissed off pint-sized punk rock toddler wants is to have his thwarted attacks on the decorations be considered comic. The look he gave her was near fatal.
About this time, Big Dog decided he was ready to dance. I swapped charges with my Mommy-Papa tag team mate and headed off to rock out with Big Dog. Unfortunately for me, his version of "dancing" was some kind of modified child slam dance that involved beaning me repeatedly with one of the small beach balls they had scattered around. Nice decision there "Seattle Moms" whoever you may be, what did they think was going to happen with tons logo emblazoned beach balls in a crowd of kids. But that's another story.
While I was sustaining minor head injuries on the dance floor, Mr. Dog took on Little Dog. A few minutes later, Mr. Dog walks past up on the dance floor to let me know they're off to find the "Chill Out Room". Turns out, after attacking the palm tree a few more times, the laughing got to Little Dog. He picked up a shoe and tossed it at the offending mom. Oops! Bad Daddy, time to restrain the little beast.
We only stayed a few more minutes. Got our free cupcakes and headed back to the car.
I guess these babies loathe disco, but they sure did like the cupcakes. Good thing those tickets were free, if you blinked, you'd have missed us there. Well, unless you were laughing at a tree attacking toddler, then you just wish you had.


mollyfn said...

We went once about 1.5 years ago, it was fun but expensive for what it was. I've just decided it's easier and cheaper to dance in my own house to Madonna and Justin Timberlake. And the snacks are better.

chihuahua5 said...

oooh, i've been the recipient of Little Dog's "evil stank eye"

that kid does NOT like to be mad fun of :)

Anonymous said...

I think your kids left and my kids took over the beating of the palm tree. :)

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