Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trust me.

Seriously, just trust me. I am almost always right. In fact I am so often right, we might as well say I am always right. People could just make life so much easier if they didn't argue and did what I said right off the bat. Really.

People, despite ample evidence to support my assertion, continue to have their own opinions. What folly. At work most days I am left to argue with those who have not learned. In the end, they almost always see my point and come around, but on those rare occasions they choose to go their own way, they usually live to regret it. And all of this could be avoided if they just accepted the fact that I am always right.

Even at home there seems to be a disconnect. My word should just be taken as a rule of law. It would simplify life. I say it, they do it, we all live happily ever after. But, nooooo. We have to talk everything over, the boys have opinions as does Mr. Dog. And they think I should hear them out. Very democratic. I think I'd prefer a dictatorship, as long as I am the supreme ruler. Still, I try to be the good, fair and sympathetic mom. I let them say their piece before I overrule it, and sometimes, I even let them have their way (if it falls in line with my own opinion of how things should work). And life here is generally pretty good.

So, when I say "Trust me." it isn't one of those "let's give it a go and hope for the best" kind of reassurances. It means "TRUST ME! I know what I'm doing." Really, I kind of do this for a living. And should things not go right, should my plan fail, it is probably because one of you failed to really follow my instructions. Or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Mrs. F said... are so funny!

I wish I was the supreme ruler of my home at all times, but sometimes I feel like I am being ruled by children.

Neil said...

I hear you. If only everyone in my life just listened to me all the time, everyone would be happy.

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