Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's in a Name

"You're a boomhead!" says Big Dog.
Uh, ok, whatever the hell that is. It sounds like it is meant to be mean, and the fact I am being called a boomhead after telling him "no" kind of reinforces my initial reaction. Turns out he learned it at school. We've been bringing home a lot of choice names from school lately. I guess name calling is in with the under 5 set. At least boomhead isn't that bad.

Unfortunately it isn't the only name we've picked up. Poopyhead has also been going around. And worse than boomhead, Little Dog decided poopyhead was just about the best name he's ever heard. Now, whenever he is frustrated, grouchy or just plain feisty, he will tell you "You like a poopyhead!" and you have to try hard not to laugh 'cause once you do, it is all downhill.

I managed to circumvent this for a while, I got him calling me a "mama-head" instead, and for a short while we all became "our name+ head" which wasn't so bad. He got over that quickly and is now back to poopyhead. And this poopyhead/mama-head is not pleased.

I guess name calling just comes with the territory and I'll be fighting this battle for years to come. They seem to have a knack for it. The latest name is a new one. NE told me that Big Dog called Little Dog a "penis head". When asked where he learned it, he looked at with wide eyes and said "I didn't learn it, I just said it!" Great, just great.


Anonymous said...

It is almost impossible not to chuckle when Little Dog calls me a "Poopyhead." I know I pissed him off royally with my snickering. It is so freaking cute! You need to get it on video.

PunditMom said...


Also, let me know if you'd like the PunditMom $27 button. I couldn't find your E-mail!

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