Thursday, July 10, 2008

How many men does it take to watch a toddler?

Two grown men should be fully capable of watching two little boys for less than a half hour, right? I thought so. So when I came into the near silent room to find one full-grown adult man watching the news and the other full-grown adult man in charge of two small boys surfing the web, I thought things were under control. I saw one boy crashed out sleeping and but sign of my little one. I glanced around and asked "Where's Little Dog?"
"In there, " my father said, pointing toward the guest bedroom.
"Aw, is he sleeping too?" I asked, already envisioning my sleeping angel curled up on the guest bed.
"No, he's playing," he replied.
Keep in mind it was quiet. Very quiet. No sounds of a two-year-old playing. And as those of us with small children know, that always means trouble.
Inwardly groaning with anticipation of just what my tiny troublemaker had started, I went to the guest room and found him creating a new piece of art....all over himself. Little Dog had discovered my makeup bag, the make up bag I keep on a shelf. A shelf I thought was out of reach of little hands. So he was playing, but playing with my cosmetics.
"But he was so quiet," protests my father.
"And that should have been the first sign of trouble!"


Anonymous said...

So my idea of leaving house til everyone was in bed, not such a good one huh? Yeah, in case you don't know, I don't have kidz, so advice from me should be taken w/ a grain of salt hehehehe.

Mrs. F said...!

Kaza said...

Why do men not realize this? No one had to tell me this little fact. The first time it happened (the scary silence, that is), I RAN, not walked but RAN into her room to find out what was up.

Anonymous said...

It figures that the grown men were shocked the Little Dog was up to no good. As if he puts himself to bed for nap all the time!

Anonymous said...

In the second picture he looks so innocent! :)

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