Saturday, August 2, 2008

10 things I've learned from my child

In less than 5 years of motherhood I have learned more than I did in my previous 16 years of schooling. Not all of it is stuff that will benefit me in any role other than "mom" but still, it has been a horizon broadening experience to say the least.
The assignment was to pick 10 things, and I've chosen a random assortment in no particular order because if you read this blog at all, you know I've got random in spades, but order in short supply.

1. Marbles can fit in your ears and are less likely to get stuck there than in your nose.

2. No matter how much you may enjoy being licked by your dog, dogs do not appreciate being licked back.

3. I have the capacity to memorize multiple children's books if those same books are read time after time after time. Hand Hand Finger Thumb, anyone?

4. The ultimate stalling tactic is to say you need to go potty, and it works for every family member. Granted, this is far more effective if you have no track record for "holding it" and have a proven track record of peeing on the floor.

5. My house is clothing optional. Really, I had no idea.

6. I swear a lot more than I realized.

7. Band-Aids are a miracle cure.

8. My car needed more bling, bling in the form of 100 stickers on the inside of the back seat windows. Really, it has much more style now. Have I mentioned my oven also needed bling? And the bathroom wall, the entryway, the hall, my computer...essentially they are now all covered in "style".

9. I can survive with a lot less sleep than I ever imagined.

10. "Mama" is the sweetest word in the English language when it is coming from a little boy snuggled up in your arms.


Kris said...

Aww.. that is adorable. Now that my daughter is just getting to the picking up words stage I'm realizing how much I curse too... trying to watch it but is rough.

Princess New York said...

Hilarious as usual. You've been nominated for a Kick Ass Blogger award!

geekymummy said...

the swearing this is so hard.
We should have adult only swearing obligatory gatherings, to get it out of our systems.

chihuahua5 said...

you're just prepping them for future spelling which there will be a swearing category :)

chihuahua5 said...

regarding #5...this hails from the genetics of Mr. Dog! you knew that habit would continue from generation to generation :)

Anonymous said...

#2-- made me giggle. :)

Honey Mommy said...

Great list!

Can I just say...
#2- EWWW! Maybe I'm glad we don't have pets.

#4- We have been potty training at our house... my little boy has already figured out that if he gets out of bed all he has to say is that he needs to go potty and we won't get mad at him!

#7- My little boy HATES bandaids. Go figure!

Stellaandthomas said...

I love this list! All sooooo true.

Kat said...

Great list. We have a clothing optional house as well. Maybe they slid that rule in the fine print of our mortgage!

Bananas said...

I adore your combo of sweet and funny. And glad to hear that mine isn't the only UNINTENTIONAL clothing-optional household!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes .. it's all coming back to me now. Those essential facts learned from children, and thankfully now unnecessary - unless any grandchildren put in an appearance.

Oh well, I'll let their parents learn this time. LOL!

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