Monday, August 25, 2008

Limited Resources

Grandma and the boys were sitting on the upstairs porch, enjoying a bit of the Seattle, rain. Just the day before we'd all hit Target to replace a couple of toys that had been enjoyed not only by the boys, but also by the Great Dane. Unfortunately they did not survive his attentions, hence the replacement.

Since he's in a bit of a piss ant phase, Little Dog kept threatening to throw his new Batman, the replacement for his old Spiderman, over the the railing. Grandma tried to talk him out of it, but he continued to try.

"Dashiell is in the yard below, and if you throw Batman down there, he'll get chewed up," advised Grandma.
"If he does, we can just get another one at Target," said Big Dog, looking out for his brother's best interests.
"There isn't always money to replace things. Especially things that have not been taken care of. If you just let things get chewed up, there might not be money to buy another one," Grandma explained.
Big Dog paused and thought about what she had said. He mulled over the new information, and gave his grandma a serious look.
"Don't tell that to Mama," he finally said. Apparently there are things about the family finances I don't need to know.


Nauntie Lush said...

Oh man....Big Dog and Bacon must have been to the same money school! Although recently when we finally taught him about saving money he said that it was okay he would just call Granny to get some money from her for what he wanted. When we asked him why from Granny, he said very bluntly "Because Granny is LOADED Momma."

Unknown said...

Big Dog is so funny and smart as a whip too.

Kirsten said...

See, you are proving my point. I am the "mean mommy". If they left something lying around, it is SO not my fault if it gets chewed or stepped on and broken. And I dont' replace - unless it was specifically something I did on accident. For instance, I made my oldest give me a plastic bag that had arbitrary crap in it, so SHE wouldn't lose it. I ended up losing it. I felt obligated to replace the trinkets. Other than that, respect your stuff!

geekymummy said...

Dashiell the destroyer of superheros!
I hope batman can stay out of his way for a while.

Anonymous said...

Kids say the cutest things. And don't they all believe that money just floats around in mid air?

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