Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pow! Right in the kisser...ok, not the kisser exactly.

"Oh, I poke you in the tummy," says Mr. Dog playfully. "Poke!"
"Noo, 'top it," says Little Dog in his best surly voice.
"Is that your tummy? I'm going to poke it," Mr. Dog continues. "Poke!"
"Top it. No poke in the tummy," he says again.
"Look at the tummy, I'm going to poke it," says Mr. Dog extending his index finger to poke his son's belly.
And Little Dog pops him in the nuts.
NE and I try our best to hide our laughter. You don't mess with the Little Dog.


Maura said...

Um, ouch! That'll teach him! Yikes.

chihuahua5 said...

poor Mr. Dog.... still getting popped in the dinger.

Z said...

Ouch! But still, funny ;)

Unknown said...

That is hilarious! Don't mess with little dog.

geekymummy said...

It sounds like little dog was doing a job of using his words, but if daddy doesn't listen, well what could he do but pop him in the dinger!

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