Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trust, but verify.

There is a bit of Ronald Reagan's Cold War thinking going on in our house. Not by anyone born during the cold war, mind you, it seems to have "trickled down" to the kids.

Yesterday when Big Dog was getting dressed, he demanded his new shirt. We tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted. I told him he'd have to go get it, and he negotiated his way up to having Mr. Dog come with him (heavy drawers needed to be opened, and maybe all three drawers in his dresser, he doesn't know which dresser drawer is his shirt drawer! He's only had the same dresser his entire life! How could we possibly think he should be expected to do this alone? He's only 4 for the love of God!)

So the men went to the dresser and came back with the shirt. I was busy putting on my make up, but they had questions. "Mommy, is this my new shirt?" he said, holding the shirt up.
"Yes, why?"
"He didn't know," said Mr. Dog, "He needs the new shirt, but can't even be sure this is the one."
"Ok, well, that's the new one," I said returning to my make up.
"Yeah, I told him it was the new one, but he wanted to ask you. I said 'So you don't trust me' and he says 'Yes, if mommy says it is'."
So I guess that boils down to the fundamental "Trust but verify" we lived with in the 80s.

Next thing you know, he'll be telling us that catsup is a vegetable.


Unknown said...

That is so funny. And for the record my son thinks that catchup is a vegetable. He eats it instead of dipping his food. So now I refrain from giving it to him.

Neil said...

I thought ketchup was a vegetable! You mean I was lied to as a child?

MaricrisG said...

Mommy rules! That's for sure! Trust and verify is also a game we play in the house. If mama says yes or if papa says yes - then all is cool!

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