Sunday, October 12, 2008

Small world doesn't even begin to sum it up

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that someone was finding their way here by googling Craigslist NiceFo. It was making me nuts, and I asked that if the person was here, that they please, please, please leave a comment. You may have noticed that no one commented, and if you have stalker tendencies like I do, you may have wondered why no one commented. The reason is this, the googler emailed me directly.

Funny story actually. Turns out it was a former roommate of mine. We'd lost touch, she'd moved far away, I'd moved less far away. We hadn't spoken in years. Turns out some time back, she'd found my blog and has been enjoying it (yeah, that's kind of bragging, but heck, I was thrilled to hear she liked it!) She sent me a long chatty email explaining that she was reading the blog, came across the reference to the Craigslist NiceFo, didn't know what it was, googled it, got a couple of links and followed the one back to my blog. Simple. Logical and completely awesome. In no time we were emailing back and forth, we caught up and I hope we won't lose touch again. It is nice finding old friends in odd ways.

Anyhow, hearing that my long lost buddy had no idea what the Craigslist NiceFo was, and having now googled it for myself and also found no acceptable description, I'm going to provide one.

The Craigslist NiceFo was a forum on craigslist (if you don't know craigslist, I'm going to have to let you wiki that one on your own). It was never an "official" forum, but rather an offshoot from the Parenting Forum (PaFo). I'd been a long time regular poster on the PaFo and switched for a while to the NiceFo when it was formed because people on the PaFo had a nasty habit of being ridiculous bitches. A few of the most targeted posters asked Craig to allow them to make an unofficial forum in which you could only post if you posted under your registered handle (aka. going green since registered handles show up as green text). And so the NiceFo was born. For a while it worked, and then it quit working. Because people couldn't go "gray" (overwrite their registered handles to hide their identity, the overwritten handle shows up as gray text) to snark, they registered new handles to snark, or they'd just stalk you an neg every post you posted. And that's fine, but that's also when I went back to the regular PaFo.

Not long after going back, Mamikaze introduced me to Twitter. And like a heroin addict cleaning up on methadone, I switched addictions. I no longer spend much time on the PaFo, but I spend entirely too much time on Twitter.

A fantastic side effect of this is that this has actually validated my freaky addiction to knowing why people are coming here after googling random things. Great news for me, bad news for you. I'm probably going to get a lot more nosey. Google Analytics are a powerful thing for a nosey person like me. So if you have found my blog by googling "Wedding wagons," please enlighten me. What the hell is a wedding wagon?


Sarah Vasquez said...

What's REALLY fun is googling your friends' screen names and seeing what they have been up to. I once found that a friend posted an ad on a dating website looking for "erotic email interaction". Don't think I ever let him live it down.

Unknown said...

I am so glad that the mystery is solved. And what a great way to reconnect with an old friend.

Erin said...

I would also love to know what the hell a wedding wagon is. And I concur that Twitter is frightfully addictive.

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