Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Between the muppet skin sheets.

It gets cold in Seattle, and being cold is not in the top ten on my list of things I enjoy. Not by a longshot. I whine, I bitch, I bundle up and suffer, but I do not enjoy it. This year I discovered what I consider a miracle product. Microfleece sheets. I've never been a fan of flannel (I don't know why, I just hate them.) but these are like a little slice of snuggly goodness. I don't think I would have survived the recent icy hell on earth we had in Seattle without my muppet skin sheets.

So being a good mother, or at least playing one on tv, I bought microfleece sheets for the boys too. And then the strangest thing happened. I heard it unfold last night as Mr. Dog put the boys to bed.

"I'm hot, poppa." says Big Dog. "I want to take off my shirt."
"Kick off your blankets," suggests Mr. Dog.
"But I'm still hot."
"I'll turn off the heat, just keep your shirt on. It will get cold in here later."
"I need my cold pillow," says Little Dog, jumping out of bed and grabbing a pillow with a non-fleece pillow case. "Ahhh, so so cold." he says as he gets back in bed with the cold pillow.
"I'm so hot." says Big Dog again.
"Do you need a cold pillow?" asks Mr. Dog.
"Yes!" he says, jumping at the idea.
"There's one under your fleece pillow."
Big Dog pulls the pillow to the top of his pillows and says "Oooh, it's so cold. It's been alone for 100 years!" with a big sigh of relief. (I have no idea what this means, but I guess being alone makes you cold.)
Mr. Dog was so proud of his little frozen boys. Like them, he prefers to be icy cold. I on the other hand just stand back and shake my head in stunned silence. Freaks.


Robin said...

When I was growing up my room was by far the coldest in the house, so I was given an electric blanket at quite a young age. I used to purposely keep the pillow out of it so it would remain cold while the bed got nice and toasty warm.

I've gotten over that.

Beth said...

Somehow the thought of skinning Muppets has made me feel a little sick (just in time for lunch).

followthatdog said...

Come on Beth, all of the cool kids are doing it. And really, if you watch enough Sesame Street, you'll see they deserve it. They cost me my sanity.

Wev said...

I hate the cold too. Missus doesn't though, no she likes the window WIDE open at night and tends to kick off the duvet.

We now have seperate duvets, so that when she does decide that she might be getting a little chilly, she doesn't disturb me as I'm a bit of a grouch when my sleeps disturbed. Or so I'm told anyhow.

Rachel said...

Perfect. ;-)
We love the cold which is silly considering where we live.
We both want cold pillows, cold sheets and we kick the sheets and covers off our feet.

I understand completely. so I rock with your little freaks ;-) LOL.

Too cute. 'alone for 100 years'

...and she lived... said...

that's so funny my son is the same way. He just has to have his cold pillow and his blankets that feel cold at first. We live in MN so it gets pretty chilly but he will not use fuzzy blankets!

chihuahua5 said...

hee hee, fully agree with you. Mr. Dog, Little Dog and Big Dog are odd...however, at least they are comfy :)

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