Monday, December 29, 2008

Just like mommy. (Yes I'm raising a coffee addicted grouch)

Little Dog is not a morning person. If he wakes up before he is good and ready, we are treated to his "grouchiest child alive" persona for at least an hour. Unfortunately, on Friday morning, Little Dog was about to fall off his bed, and when Mr. Dog went to rescue him, he awoke. It wasn't pretty.

As always, he started off protesting that it was too bright. Like his mother, his little eyes are very sensitive to light, but unlike his mother, getting up in the morning involves the demands that all light sources be turned off. Frequently this involves demands that the sun itself be turned off. When we can't switch off the center of our solar system, the grouchy shouting starts. "Too bright! Turn the light off! It too bright!"

By the time Mr. Dog brought Little Dog upstairs to the living room, he was in full grump mode. As soon as he saw me on the couch, he had to be on my lap. When Big Dog tried to join in the snuggle, Little Dog attempted to exert his ownership of my whole being, not just the side he was snuggling "Nooooo! Big Dog can't have my mama! You can't sit there!"

His next move was to try to claim my property. He edged over to my coffee and began to eye my mug. "No, that's mama's coffee." I said, knowing that he will, if permitted, chug an entire cup of coffee while no one is looking. He turned to me with a stern look on his face. "No, that's my water."
"No, that's my coffee," I said and moved the mug out of his reach.
That was the wrong move, he started shouting, "Noooo! You took my coffee! Mama took my coffee! My coffee!"
"Little Dog, coffee isn't for little boys."
"Yes, that's for boys. Not for mama."
When I continued to withhold coffee, he got grouchier.
"I don't like you, mama." and this went on for some time.
Finally Mr. Dog stepped in. "Little Dog, if you don't like mama, maybe you need to go back downstairs for a little while. Do we need to go back downstairs?"
His brows furrowed as he mulled over his options. Eventually, in a softer voice filled with resignation, "Hmmm," he says, "maybe I do like mama."
Not entirely convincing, but good enough to crack up the grown ups.


Shannon said...

Good to know all is normal in the Dog household.

Beth said...

Now I get it. I gave my children coffee every morning when they were little (it must be that vicious cycle of coffee abuse that runs rampant in my family). That's probably the reason I was never even nominated for the mother of the year award.

Mamacat said...

My little one is a grouchy boy in the mornings too. I also have to turn off offending lights to pleez him.

He's "known" up at his daycare for his AM grouchiness. He walks in with a frown on his face every morning and if 1 of the kids speaks to him his teacher says, "No, the Biscuit doesn't like us to talk to him for a while." This is certainly 1 of those things I had hoped he wouldn't inherit from me but, sadly, he did.

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