Thursday, February 5, 2009

A change in my station.

As of this morning, I fully expect you will start referring to me as HRH Laura.  Big Dog dubbed me Queen of the Moms as we were getting ready for school.  Finally, someone has noticed my regal bearing.  I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I am treated with the respect and dignity that such a lofty title deserves.
Does it make my new title feel any less grand that he also dubbed Nikita the Princess of the Dogs?  Not one little bit.
Now please bow and kiss my ring.

Update:  After work Big Dog was petting Nikita and told me "Mom, we should maybe get her a crown."  I laughed and he offered, "So she can be the Princess of the Dogs."  Ok, let's see how much she likes wearing a crown. Ha.


Beth said...

We are not worthy, we are not worthy, we are not worthy.

It's about time you were noticed for your regal ways.

Anonymous said...

All right! Now I have a claim to fame - royalty has visited my blog! Thanks for stopping by!

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