Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's the boss? (Don't worry, no Tony Danza post here!)

"You're not the boss!" says Big Dog to Mr. Dog. (I guess this starts earlier than I expected.)
"No? Then who's the boss?" asks Mr. Dog with an amused grin.
"Mama. Mama's the most boss," says Big Dog with true conviction in his little voice.
"Yessss!" I say, pumping my fist in the air! All of the years of indoctrination are paying off.
"Maybe you mean 'most bossy'" says Mr. Dog, "because she isn't the boss, but she sure is bossy."
"I'll tell you who is the boss," says Big Dog, " Eeeny, meeny, miney, mo..." More and more decisions are being made by catching tigers right now, but hell, if it works, it works right?
When it comes down to the final "mo", he's pointint at me. "See, mama's the most boss."

I gloat a bit, I call myself "the Most Boss" for a few days and then the the tides turns.
Little Dog and Big Dog are talking bosses again and Little Dog slips, "Mama is the most bossy."
And it has stuck. It's probably accurate, but I liked being the most boss better.


Mel said...

Dude. In the Mom Job Description, right there under "Qualifications," it clearly states that in order to be a fully effective Mom, you must be Most Bossy.
It's official. Now you can say you are both Most Boss and Most Bossy, and still be totally legit.

Shannon said...

The title isn't as important as the internal recognition of you being the one in charge. However, being the "Most Boss" is the cutest title ever.

Does this mean you outrank Springsteen?

Beth said...

Most Boss is a phenomenal title! I'd get a door plaque made and hang that up. We can see who is bossy then.

Kaza said...

You are the bossest boss! Yes, hi, it's me, I'm back, or at least I hope so! It was a crazy set of weeks there, but the worm seems to have turned and perhaps I can get back to my personal life at last. Missed you!!!

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