Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick Chick Update #2

We're at the end of week two as urban chicken farmers. It's amazing how much our little ladies have changed. Their real feathers are coming in and the fluffy chick fuzz is leaving. And while we can see the potential chicken beauty in them, right now they look a little bit like something the dogs have played with. But they haven't, no matter how much Nikita might like to.

When we snapped photos today, Odile decided she is part pirate chicken and decided she needed to roost on Big Dog's shoulder. No matter how he tried to discourage it, she stayed put. Maybe there is a career in this for her? Do pirates have chickens?






Kaza said...

So cuuuuute! Happy Mother's Day! I hope you're enjoying it. Mine is very relaxing, and in two hours will be even more so (cocktail hour!).

Beth said...

Dang, they are cute! Are they paper trained? Is that even possible?

Happy Mother's Day to you!

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