Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A different perspective

We were sitting in the living room when Dashiell poked his giant head over the baby gate to the upstairs porch.
"Well hello, horse!" said Mr. Dog, taking a gentle poke at the giant dog's size.
He got up and walked over to talk our huge puppy, and when he got there, Dashiell offered his chewed up stuffed snake toy for a game of tug. Mr. Dog obliged, but continued to use the teasing nickname "horse" as they played.
Little Dog walked up, watched a bit and asked, "Papa, are you being a cowboy?"
A little confused, Mr. Dog said, "No, I'm just playing with Dashiell."
Little Dog thought this over a moment and asked, "Is he being a horse?"

I guess from his angle, the nickname makes no sense and he was looking for a reason the dog was being called something other than his real name. His misunderstanding is adorable, but also really cool because it let me glimpse the world from his perspective for just a moment. Man I love this kid.


geekymummy said...

I guess dogs can play pretend too! Yuba apparently sometimes pretends to Princess belle. R. is very excited that you are coming to stay, but disappointed that the dogs can't come too. Are you sure you can't take a great Dane on a plane?

Beth said...

I think it is awesome that you took the time to appreciate this glimpse into his perspective. You are an awesome mom!

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