Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stan glorious Stan

Today is my best friend's 28th birthday. Ok, maybe not 28th, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Honestly, every woman should be lucky enough to have a Stan in her life. He's amazing. Why do I love my Stan so much? Let me tell you.
1. We've known each other for what feels like forever and it never gets dull. Whenever we see each other it just picks up where we left it, it doesn't feel odd or difficult. It feels like home.
2. We still act like an old married couple occasionally, calling in Auntie Chihuahua for the "Is Stan mad at me?" or "Is Laura ignoring me?" freak outs.
3. He had an impeccable sense for the men I chose to date back when we were single in San Francisco. He really didn't like any of them until Mr. Dog came along. And he let me know it.
4. I admire him. His compassion, his sense of style, his sense of humor, his ability to welcome new people into his life and his dedication to his friends, all of it. It's amazing.
5. He is the other half of the powerful duo dubbed by my husband as "the black hole of time" since any of our adventures can easily take the better part of the day.
6. At my wedding, not only did he stand up with me as I said my vows, he offered the best wedding toast ever. "Hi, I'm Stan. I'm Laura's gay husband. Dave, Laura, I love you both." Perfect.
7. He is so much a part of my family and life my parents refer to him as their Stan-in-law.
8. The day I was going to be induced with my first son we spent the afternoon walking from the Mission to Noe Valley to try to get my labor going. When we decided to get pedicures and the nail salon owner didn't want to let me sit in the massage chair because I was pregnant, he convinced her by telling her as soon as I was done there I was heading to the hospital to have the baby. What's the worst that could happen? She relented. It was heavenly. The day after my son was born, Stan was our first visitor and he brought me cheesecake, one of my biggest pregnancy cravings. He just seems to know the perfect thing to do and say, at least for me he does.
9. When we visit, he is great with the boys and loves them, but it isn't about the boys. When we are together, it is about us. Laura and Stan. And that is wonderful and liberating and rare.
10. Because I just do. I'm lucky enough to know him and in many ways, none of them detracting from my relationship with my husband, he's my lobster. (imagine me making pinching claw hands here)
I love you, Stan. Happy birthday!


stan said...

xo! i love you!

Anonymous said...

I think you should clarify your black hole of time, adventures usually referred going to circuit city and other equally stimulating endless adventures...

followthatdog said...

Ok, DAVE aka anonymous, you may not enjoy the trips to Circuit City or Ikea, but we did. Maybe that's why Stan and I are such a great pair. And hell, it got you out of those trips, right?

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