Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Surprise

After a sushi dinner and cake, we opened presents. Imagine my surprise when my child opened his gift from Auntie Chihuahua and found a set of Batman nunchucks. Ok, they're foam, but still? How can these not cause problems in a house already filled with brawling brothers? When he first opened them, he was excited by their Batmanliness, but didn't really know what they were. He set them aside. Then someone opened them. An adult opened them, and started to demonstrate the fine art of handling nunchucks. And you might think this was a childless person who needed to teach my children how to swing their new weapons in ways guaranteed to test both their coordination and tolerance for pain, but you'd be wrong. This person is a father to a 5 year old boy. (I immediately threatened to buy his son nunchucks of his own for Christmas.)
Big Dog was thrilled with his present at first. But with so many new presents to play with, he set these aside. And after being told they were a weapon, and they must not be used to hit people because they could hurt, Little Dog was obsessed. He seems to have taken ownership of his big brother's "toy" (consider those air quotes). He has swung them haphazardly while striking ninja poses. He has also hit himself in the face while striking ninja poses. He has attacked furniture, his brother and other toys. He does most of this while wearing his favorite Batman mask. Most notably he has devised a game in which Kanjar Ro, his latest "bad guy" action figure gets tossed up in the air, then whacked with the nunchucks. Mr. Ro has earned this, because he is evil.
Most importantly Little Dog now sleeps with the nunchucks under his pillow.
I am not looking forward to Thursday when I have to tell him we will not be bringing the Batman nunchucks to school for show and tell. I don't want to be known as the nunchucks mom. I have enough baggage as it is.
So thanks Auntie Chihuahua. I owe you one. And trust me, I will repay you.


Unknown said...

If it was 1978, your kid would be the coolest kid in high school for owning nunchucks.

Beth said...

Ha! I think a loud monstrosity with many steps to assemble and gallons upon gallons of beads are in order.

geekymummy said...

Ah, go on, let him take them for show and tell!! How cute that he sleeps with them, in case he needs to defend himself at night. I think we need a video of his nunchuck skills!

chihuahua5 said...

actually, i think little dog is trying to protect the whole family from evil badguys...which is very heartwarming :)

yeah yeah yeah, i realize i'm now known as "bad influence" aunt chihuahua ;)

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