Friday, January 29, 2010


Tomorrow is my 38th birthday. I'm not at all excited about it. Well, I'm excited about the going out to dinner with friends part of it, but not the big 8 next to the 3 that I've long grown used to.
This year I feel old. I feel tired most of the time. I no longer feel cool. I no longer feel youngish. I feel and look like what I'd imagine a PTA mom to feel and look like. And that stereotype, at least in my mind, is not good.

At any rate, I will not be alone in celebrating my birthday on Saturday. Turns out, I share this date with one current co-worker and one past co-worker. I also share it with Dick Cheney. Evil. But on the flip side I also share it with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Good. Though I doubt he's going to be celebrating, considering he's dead and all.


Mrs. F said...

"Considering he's dead and all". Well, at least you still have your sense of humor. LOL.

Happy birthday, lady! I hope it is super wonderful!

ML said...

36 was my most difficult. But I turned 40 a week ago and it's awesome. Everyone seems to get hung up one one birthday or another. Just ride it out, enjoy the cake & look forward to the senior discounts!

Anonymous said...

Really? I may just have to pinch you. But I won't do it on your birthday.


Draft Queen said...

Well you don't "sound" 38 to me, if that's any consolation. Of course, I just read your blog.

Have a very happy birthday!

followthatdog said...

Thanks all. I'm glad you still think I'm funny and I don't sound like a crotchety old woman. Yet.
And Kathleen, you go ahead and pinch me. You may be my older sister, but you are also the hot belly dancer while I am the one who stays home watching old episodes of Burn Notice on a Friday night. Need I say more?

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