Monday, April 26, 2010


Making friends is not always easy. And if you've spent the bulk of your short life at home with family or being taken care of by a nanny, it's even harder. Little Dog has not had much of his own social circle, he's mostly hung out with his big brother's friends. Then he started group preschool and his world expanded a bit. He still hasn't found that one good buddy, but he does like some of the kids in his class. We've also started hanging around with Big Dog's friend Sadie who has a little brother about the same age, and very similar personality to Little Dog. And as things sometimes happen, these happy coincidences mean that Little Dog is becoming friends with Leo, Sadie's little brother.

Watching them form their friendship is adorable. They compliment each other on their super hero clothes, they create and play games only they really understand. And they talk. Last time we had a playdate, the younger boys were on the swings getting to know each other a bit better. Somehow the topic of grandparents came up and Little Dog discovered his new friend also had a grandpa named Jim. When I came back over, they told me of their discovery,
"Mama, Leo has a grandpa Jim, and so do I!" then he paused a moment looked at Leo and asked,
"Is your grandpa Jim crazy?" another brief pause, then as though explaining the question, "Because my whole family's a little bit crazy."
Great, now we've been outed.


chihuahua5 said...

Um yeah your whole family is crazy...crazy like a fox.....
And i'm still waiting for my trunk full of bacon from "crazy Jim" to this day; )

geekymummy said...

I suspect that your friends already know that you are crazy, that is probably why they like you! How cool that LD has a buddy

Fremont Mama said...

Ha - you're not any crazier than the rest of us!

After we ran into you today, Leo said "hey, where was *my* friend?"

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