Friday, April 23, 2010

Polishing up

I've mentioned a few times that the boys seem less interested in my job than Mr. Dog's cool science job. I always thought this stemmed from their obsession with TV scientists inventing amazing gadgets and the fact that Mr. Dog used to brag to them about working with robots. But I was wrong.
This morning as I drove Big Dog to school, I asked him what he was going to do at "work." He thought this was kind of funny since he was on his way to school. In his mind this is entirely different than work. I explained that for him, learning was his job. He needed to go to school to learn all of the things he needs to know. I told him school was serious business, that he needed to take it as seriously as I take my job and scrape every bit of knowledge he could from every class he takes. I told him that if you're lucky, you love your job like I love mine and I hoped he'd loved his job at school just as much.
He thought about this for a minute then asked, "So how do you make silverware anyhow?"
Caught off guard by this seemingly out of left field question, I just told I didn't know. "Why? Are you making silverware in class?"
"No, mama. How do you make silverware at work?" he asked again.
"Honey, I don't make silverware. I make software," I clarified.
"Oh. What's software?"
"Well, software is all of that cool stuff you see on the computer. Like the games you play, that's software."
"Cool! I thought you made silverware."
Now I'm kind of wondering what he thought I was doing when I worked from home. Checking patterns? Weird.


geekymummy said...

What, you don't make silverware?

All these years I thought you were testing knives and forks for user friendliness.


chihuahua5 said...

ha!!! i fully thought you were a silverware maker this whole time ;)

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